Nuxt.js & AWS: Zero Downtime Deployment

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The Problem

I have been using Nuxt.js with AWS ECS, ELB & CloudFront for the past few months. Occasionally I come across this error: Loading chunk _ failed.

The Solution

I searched for a variety of solution. Most of them will address the problem one way or another but none of them utilises the AWS stack to solve the problem. I don’t mind incurring a little more cost that can potentially save much more in DevOps.

My Considerations

  • Utilise AWS Stack (ECS, ELB, CloudFront)
  • As little DevOps as possible (Utilise Managed Services)
  • Must use Rolling Deployment (slowly migrate users instead of blue-green)

Existing Architecture

Existing Architecture

Proposed Architecture

Proposed Architecture


I needed a zero-downtime deployment strategy that is scalable and works well with the AWS stack.

I am a full-stack capable Web, Android, iOS, DevOps, software engineer and architecture.