Back in the summer of 2018, I was working in a co-working space; I overheard an intern having a conversation about PyCharm. In his words: ‘PyCharm is very powerful and useful, but no way I would use it after my student license expire. …

In a perfect world, this is what you want:

In a perfect world, this is what you want.

1. Nested Positions

Back in early 2018, I came across a video introducing Flutter as an alternative to React Native for building a cross-platform app. I was very excited back then as the idea of Google, the developer of Android introducing their cross-platform development framework was quite promising for its adoption.

I have…

I was looking for a way to quickly create Flutter Plugin. I can’t seem to find the exact same plugin on pub.dartlang or any solution about embedding the plugin directly into your Flutter App.

The plugin that I want to implement is the Facebook App Events plugin. Since I needed…

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The Problem

I have been using Nuxt.js with AWS ECS, ELB & CloudFront for the past few months. Occasionally I come across this error: Loading chunk _ failed.

ELB rolling deployment routes traffic via a round-robin which splits up into different target groups. …

Fuxing Loh

I am a full-stack capable Web, Android, iOS, DevOps, software engineer and architecture.

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